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How did your latest single, Hello move from initial thought to finished effort?
“Hello” is ultimately about the struggle to move on, to start looking again after falling for someone or even something that has proven to be toxic. It’s a survival song heralding a new beginning. That’s why New Year’s Day felt very appropriate for its release – hello 2015!

What was the filming process for Hello’s video like? 
We were invited to the World Premiere of the Hobbit Finale in London and everything in the majestic city seemed to scream “Hello”. The festive decorations amidst historic buildings really captivated and inspired a creative concept for the video. We wanted to capture the sense of isolation in the middle of celebration, hence me freezing my butt off in 2 degree Celsius (35.6 Farenheit) in the early hours of the morning. The iPhone6Plus enabled us to do very unique shots and push the possibilities of this technology, I directed alongside my partner Nicolas Jacobi and even on a tight budget, we wanted to make this happen and for others to share in our experience of Europe at this time of year, the vibrant and vivacious transition from 2014 to 2015.
What differences are there between Australia and England?
Temperature! Stepping from summer to winter after two flights (approx. 18 hours) really made that clear! It was beautiful in England to be able to experience the bright lights and crisp air for Christmas time – I feel very grateful we had the opportunity to do so. In Australia it’s more about melting moments by the beach, not that Down Under doesn’t have its own merits for the holiday season – it’s just great how travel broadens perspective on differing cultures, cultural activities and overall enables you to have a greater appreciation of our diverse world.
How does a single move from initial thought to finished effort?
Well there’s a big process, I penned the initial concept for “Hello” – I love writing lyrics and creating melody – I then collaborated with my fellow talented musicians for the music and its production -Dave Pickell and Jeff Dawson. In this case the song was produced in Vancouver BC, so it really is an international effort on the whole. That’s also what makes the music mean so much to me – the journey and who you meet along the way.cole-phoenix-300x300
What artists and styles most influence your overall sound?
That’s hard for me to say as I’m a product of everything I’ve grown up guzzling – I’ve been fueled by everyone from the likes of Elvis Presley to Prince, from The Rolling Stones to Linkin Park, from Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald to Madonna and Alice Cooper! It’s a dynamic list of artists who have inspired me in the past and continue to influence me in the present. 
How have you evolved since you released 2010’s Wild Love or 2012’s self-titled albums?
I’ve evolved musically from big band jazz tracks to electro infused rock/pop songs, but that doesn’t stop me returning to my roots in soul one day – or mixing up some great sonic combinations in the future. 
Are there any live dates or events that you will be performing to support Hello?
Currently I’m focused on writing a book – “The Phoenix”. It’s not autobiographical despite the title, thank heavens for us all! “The Phoenix” is fictional and actually came about from a music video concept which led to a script that’s to be produced by Nicolas Jacobi – but to develop “The Phoenix” world further, I’ve embarked on constructing the novel and hope to publish this year…I’m actually writing it on an Apple IPad – odd as that sounds – it’s liberating writing wherever I am at the time – and whenever I have the time to!
Regarding live dates for “Hello”, once the album is completed (“She’s On Fire”) that’s when we would look to organizing a tour. 
How can interested readers find out more about Cole Phoenix?
I’m keen to hear from these readers – they can engage with me on:
Official website at:
VEVO: My channel will be up soon!
What has provided more of your fans – Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or traditional word of mouth?
A bit of everything – all the social media networks help. Twitter I find ideal for keeping connected – perhaps my affinity for birds keeps me tweeting regularly (laughs). 
Thank you so much for your time. Do you have any final thoughts for us at NeuFutur?
And Thankyou for your interest! I don’t like to say final thoughts as there’s no goodbye – only “Hello.” 😉
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