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There are a new sort of incontinence briefs that is on the market, designed for those with severe incontinence both of the bladder and bowel. The padding on the Supreme Briefs is very absorbent meaning that it can contain a great amount of liquid – the larges can contain up to 40 ounces of fluid. The thickness of the brief is not incredibly noticeable under slacks, shorts, or other sorts of bottoms.


The re-fastenable capes are stellar meaning at one can go and adjust the brief for the tightest possible fit. The absorbency of the Supreme Briefs are strong enough to draw away any fluids, making upkeep easy for those concerned about skin care. Their briefs do not ride up overly far, meaning that the briefs disappear under a pair of boxers or other full form underwear. The guards in the Supreme Briefs will push out to create a barrier that protects against leaks while a thick grade of plastic is used to protect against catastrophic failures.


The peace of mind that one will have when utilizing the Supreme Briefs are special as the briefs are the most absorbent, best fitting, and smartest value for their money. NorthShore Supreme Briefs come in Medium, Large, and X-Large sizes and changes will cost around $1.50 (a pack from the company is around $21-25, a case $70-78). Make sure to visit for more information about the variety of their product lines, any type of promotions or other specials at the company may be offering.

Rating: 9.5/10

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