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This is an idiot-proof battery. Patriot has made the process from initial opening to charging an easy one. There are so few ways for things to go awry that the FUEL+ line should be purchase for anyone that requires additional charge for the day. There are two ports a 1 and 2.5 A port to allow for a more nuanced method of charging. The 1A plug provides the proper amount of charge for smartphones and small MP3 devices, while the 2.5A option is the go-to for larger tablets and electronic devices with a larger power requirement, or for those devices that can take a quicker-than-normal charge. The beauty of the FUEL+ 6000mAh Rechargable Battery is that it can be charging (plugged in to a USB or outlet) while providing the proper amount of juice for all of your devices.


Two devices were drained to their 0% charge (off) state, including a popular 7 inch tablet and representative Apple and Android phones. A half-hour on the 1A port brought the phones back to life with a considerable charge (30-40%), while the tablet was brought up over the 40% marking. The pass-through feature provided a similar amount of charge for both phone and tablet. The battery is small enough to be able to fit in most pockets and all purses and bags while attached to a device, allowing for passive charging as one walks through a festival, goes on rides at an amusement park, or waits for concessions at a fair or sporting event.6000D

The power button does double duty in that it provides an indicator for the level of charge that the batterypossesses as well as being the on/off switch. The only drawback that we can see in regards to this device is that the micro-USB to USB cable that is provided is pretty short. The FUEL+ line comes in a range of mAh classifications from 2200mAh to 8700mAh; the Patriot Memory website contains exhaustive amounts of information about the company’s batteries, RAM, solid state drives, and other additional products. We wholly recommend the FUEL+ 6000mAh Rechargable Battery for anyone that has a difficult time finding or utilizing a charger while away from the domicile. Expect to spend around $30 for the 6000mAh FUEL+ battery from online and physical retailers.6000E

Rating: 9.5/10

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