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There is a strong hop nose that wafts after opening the can, providing imbibers with some sense of the trip that they will take during their time with Galaxy High, MadTree Brewing’s latest. Galaxy High pours with a dark orange / gold coloration and an off-white head that gradually dissipates. There is an alcohol burn that warms, hiding the 120 IBU well. As Galaxy High continues to warm, there is a slight sweet side that begins to make itself known.

The 10.2% ABV makes the beer an experience rather than a throwing-back effort; one will be able to experience this beer at a variety of temperatures. The complexity of Galaxy High means that every sip is a wholly different constellation of flavors. There are spicy notes, strong tropical fruit elements, and hints of malt can all be picked up as the initial alcohol elements fade into the periphery.Untitled

Grapefruit and lemon elements build in the latter half of the beer, keeping the overall experience fresh as one continues to experience the variety of twists and turns that have been presented. The bold flavors of Galaxy High will pair nicely with lighter-flavored meats including chicken, turkey, and fish but the beer has enough in the way of body to hang with lamb, BBQ, or burgers.

Make sure to visit the MadTree brewing website for additional information about the brewery’s efforts, taproom hours and information, and a store where one can purchase MadTree-branded swag. Keep an eye out for our psycHOPathy IPA coverage, and visit MadTree’s taproom if you find yourself within a few hours of the Cincinnati, Ohio area (5164 Kennedy Ave, hours are available on the MadTree domain).

Rating: 9.0/10

Galaxy High / Imperial IPA / 10.2% ABV / 120 IBU / / / / /


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