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Eco Vessel The Insulated Sippy review on

The size of The Insulated Sippy would be perfect for daytrips or other short-term activities, while the stainless steel that Eco Vessel has used here ensures that liquids maintain their temperature for quite a few hours. This cup weighs a hair over 5 ounces when empty and will be around a pound when filled, making the handles a good inclusion. The spout utilized by Eco Vessel has been sourced from NUK, meaning that it can go through a good amount of teething and outright biting. As the process to drink has been moderated through the inclusion of this spout, the amount of spills that will occur from the Insulated Sippy are considerably lower than other cups readily available from department stores.

Eco Vessel The Insulated Sippy review on

For those concerned about the safety of their children, the cup is completely free of BPA and phthalates resembling more of a vacuum flask than a mere cup. We liked the Insulated Sippy as it is extremely easy to wash and keep clean – just use a bottle brush, let dry, and it can be refilled endlessly without gaining flavors or experiencing any elemental change in the metal. The durability of the cup means that is can roll around back seats, be dropped on the front, and otherwise subjected to a wide variety of stress by children and parents alike. Cute designs are available along with a natural steel color to match a child’s outfit, room, or other décor/design.

For more information about the entirety of products that Eco Vessel has created for adults and children alike, visit their website. Additional news about the company can be located on their social media accounts. The Insulated Sippy by Eco Vessel is available from online retailers for around $20.

Rating: 8.5/10

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