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3DZyre Convenience Stroller Article in NeuFutur

The 3DZyre Convenience Stroller by Summer Infant is a solid everyday use stroller that provides parents with a great deal of personalization without being needlessly complex or difficult to operate.

3DZyre Convenience Stroller Article in NeuFutur

If you’re reluctant in buying a new stroller you can read the comparison between UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista strollers. 3DZyre’s weight (~18 pounds) makes it easy to place in and remove from a vehicle without any loss in the overall weight it can hold (the company has an upper weight limit of 50 pounds). Summer Infant utilizes aluminum in the construction of the stroller to keep the weight down while ensuring that it can weather dings and drops without being the worse for wear.

We were most pleased with the size of the canopy that is included with the 3DZyre; when fully extended, this canopy ensures that the baby is protected from harmful sun rays and most normal types of precipitation. There is a flap on the stroller’s canopy that can be removed to keep an eye on the child. The ability to change the pitch of the 3DZyre with a single hand allows one to keep the baby happy, while the wheels are able to move over a wide variety of terrain without an issue. The sets of wheels (8 in total) further ameliorate this process, decreasing the chance that the stroller will get snagged on gravel, pavement, or concrete. A storage basket allows mom or dad to keep wallets, keys, and the child’s supplies handy, and a cup-holder keeps one’s hands free and on the stroller’s handles at all points. The trio of pockets that are included here can stash pacifiers, changes, wipes, or other smaller items and can be zipped up to keep these things safe.

The 3DZyre can fold up and be stashed away in the trunks or back seats of a wide variety of vehicles. The process to break the stroller down into its storage configuration is fairly intuitive – lift up the handle on the back, press on the lever with one’s foot, and the 3DZyre can be folded down into its smallest configuration. The stroller comes with a strap that keeps everything tight and snug, allowing it to rattle around a back seat or a trunk without coming undone.

The cleanup process of the 3DZyre is easy, as Summer Infant has crafted the stroller with a fabric that wipes clean with little more than a wet cloth. The thickness of this material means that it can weather the movements of the child and can take sunny days, drizzles, and any other weather that mother earth throws at a family without cracking or fraying.

Summer Infant’s 3DZyre Convenience Stroller comes in a light green, gold, and gray color; the stroller is available from a wide variety of online retailers for around $140. We highly recommend this stroller for anyone that will have a child or is looking to update their stroller. For more information about the 3DZyere and the rest of Summer Infant’s products, take a trip to the company’s domain.

Rating: 9.4/10
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