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The Alfa vaporizer by Goboof is the perfect introductory vaporizer that bends a svelte figure with a great price point. The build quality of the device is rugged, crafted from a durable metal that will eagerly take any ding, drop, jostle, or abuse that one can put it through.

goboof-alfa-new-finish_1The quality of the vapor is impressive, meaning that one just need to pull lightly off of the Alfa to get an appreciable amount. The array of temperature options are incredibly simple, separating the device from others on the market that require users to familiarize themselves with the instruction manual. The low setting places the temperature at around 375 degrees, the middle/medium at 410, and the high at a hair under 430 degrees. These settings are important with the wide array of herbs that one may utilize in the product; the overall dryness of the material is an important consideration for those looking to utilize their Alfa in the smartest fashion available.

The battery life of the Alfa is surprising given the lightness of the vaporizer; purchasers should expect to have about 2 hours of run time before the battery wholly runs down. The charging process is simple enough; just stick the device’s charge cord into any open USB plug and give it a few hours to top itself back up. Other extras that come with the Alfa include a cleaning kit (pipe cleaners, cleaning picks), extra screens, and a second mouthpiece.

The Alfa vaporizer by goboof retails for $199 and would be a perfect birthday gift or treat for someone that is looking to move away from combustion or wants to upgrade to a current generation of vaporizer. Simple, sleek, and elegant, the Alfa should make its way into the bags, purses, and clutches of anyone wanting a memorable experience.

Rating: 8.8/10


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