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As many of my friends and family know, I am not very talented when it comes to any crafts that involve me using my hands. My wife, Danica, has had some luck creating balloon sculptures, but the amount of shapes and designs that she can create still numbers less than 10. There are balloon artists that are plying their wares that can craft hundreds of distinct designs. John Reid is one of these balloon artists, and sits at the pinnacle of individuals involved in this art style. Over the space of the last two decades, John Reid and his company Epic Balloons have pushed the possibilities of balloon art to an entirely higher plateau.

A jump over to his website should be all that is necessary to see the sheer range that he possesses. Whether is a balloon dress,  figure, or hundreds of distinct shapes for a party or other event, individuals should be confident in Reid’s ability to exceed the desires of everyone involved.

The amount of ink that he has already received for his balloon sculptures is impressive, culminating in multiple invites to the White House and Disney. No matter how much attention John Reid and Epic Balloons have gotten or will get in the future, there is a love and care that goes into each design. Furthermore, one that is looking to make a birthday or event into something absolutely unforgettable can actually hire Reid. What is perhaps the most fascinating part of Reid and Epic Balloons has to be their emergency services; one can actually call up the company and get something whipped up in the blink of an eye (even within 24 hours). The ability to work hand in hand to make something unique and special for a wedding, birthday, meeting, or other event showcases a care and concern for each client that Reid works with.

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