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Myself and the wife do not have any kids at this time, but we may just have to put this DVD time that time when we do. This is due to the great educational merit of Just Add Spice, which is more for the parents than it is for their children. While ultimately, the tool does provide the child with a great hand up, Just Add Spice showcases the way parents need to craft their example to ensure a happy and healthy child.

SPICE, for those that are not familiar with the program, stands for Structure, Praise, Inspire, Consistency, and Enjoy. Each of the skills represents a different side of parenting, with each constituent element joining together to really represent the variety of life with child. At an hour and a half, Just Add SPICE gives viewers more than enough footage to properly educate and inculcate the program’s tenets. The pace of the sessions, along with the very approachable language used, ensures that all parents (and parents to be) can take much from the DVD.

There are a few additional features present on Just Add Spice that further increase the value of the purchase. The printable learning guide that is bundled alongside the feature presentation further allows the parents to ratchet up their skills to a level in which a child can properly grow. Finally, the little bit of extra discussion on each of the modules of Just Add SPICE are perfect for ensuring that viewers properly apply the lessons on the DVD to their real life situations. I would like to see subsequent volumes adding to the Just Add SPICE corpus, and feel that State of the Art has more than enough ways to keep the series informative and interesting.

Rating: 8.6/10

Just Add SPICE – Parenting For Happy, Healthy Kids / PBS / 90 Minutes /

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