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Stumptown CandyPeel IPA

Stumptown CandyPeel IPA , BridgePort’s latest offering is an India Pale Ale that comes forth with a little more of a sweeter and more citrus-heavy elements than a typical effort in this style. There is a mild nose to this one, heavy with hints of grain and bready malts. The beer pours with a dark-yellow to orange-brown coloration and a decent amount of whitish head. Stumptown CandyPeel has a decent amount of citrus (mandarin, orange) elements, staying away from the boldness of piney/resiny hops. Stumptown CandyPeel IPA The beer is rounded out with the inclusion of Vienna Malt, allowing for a yin-yang dynamic between the sweeter (rather than toastier) malt side and the Styrian Golding / Crystal / Centennial hop triad. It is this relationship that makes Stumptown CandyPeel stable at later pulls.

Where the tendency of mid-ABV IPAs is to break down slightly as the effort begins to warm, Stumptown CandyPeel is able to have enough of a bitter tinge at the last swallows to make one finish a bottle with the same gusto as they initially delved into it. An alcohol flavor is hidden masterfully, making Stumptown CandyPeel into an IPA that is heady without knocking one out with booze, hoops, or brash flavors.

As such, BridgePort’s latest would do fine paired with sharp cheese, chicken, and fish; the robustness of flavors present here will be accentuated if one matches the brew with salty or savory treats.

Check out our coverage of BridgePort’s Conviction Pale Ale for greater insight about another BridgePort’s hop-heavy efforts. The brewery’s website is a great location for more information about their year-round and seasonal efforts, while a hop over to BridgePort’s social media profiles will inform visitors about new products coming down the pipeline as well as events held at the brew pub. Stumptown CandyPeel IPA is available year-round.

Rating: 8.0/10


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