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The Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset for XBox is one of the best values for one’s money with a tremendous amount of functionality, a rugged build design, and the availability to go and use them for a wide variety of different functions. These headphones blend together a compelling aesthetic with a set of materials used that will stand up to even the most intense usage. The amount of highs and lows at these headphones will faithfully reproduce is astonishing, meaning that one can use these for reading instructions, sitting back and zoning out to your favorite music, or any sort of activity in between.

Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox The Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset has an intense ability to block out any outside noise meaning that the fidelity of a recording will not be impacted in any way. The ability of the headset to filter out ambient noise from busy rooms and individual experience is perfect for those that might be in a room with additional people, as what the X300 Pro Gaming Headset creates is captured perfectly between one’s ears.

The headphones are priced at a level that make this a smart buy for anybody that is looking for a day to day pair but does not want to have to replace them on a regular basis. Rather with proper attention and a careful hand, there is no sense that one will need to pick up an additional pair within five years. SteelSeries is on the top of their game with the Siberia X300 Pro Gaming Headset; for further information about the full product line that SteelSeries creates visit their domain. Additional information about new product lines and events and giveaways can all be located on the company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Rating 8.9 / 10

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