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We have a considerable alcohol and spirits section at NeuFutur Magazine as well as a health food section so having a low profile blender or food processor is an absolutely vital part of our headquarters. Previously we had a run of the mill blender that died a short while ago and decided to move towards a more commercial grade product. The Waring XTREME Variable Speed Blender (MX1200RXT) is a commercial model but has a small footprint; one should definitely have a space ready for it in the kitchens of any household that is looking to create smoothies, mixed drinks or any sort of suspensions for a wide variety of social functions. The MX1200RXT device has a huge chamber in which a variety of materials can all be ground up. The blades are sufficiently sharp to make short work of even difficult and woody elements like carrots while the 64 ounce blender jar that’s utilized in this product ensures a quick and easy cleaning process.XTREME Variable Speed Blender (MX1200RXT)

There is little that one needs to learn when using the MX1200RXT; there is a power switch, a pulsing function and an automatic dial that goes from a light cut to a vortex of bladed fury. The most impressive thing with this blender is that no amount of material or speed at which one runs the device will cause the motor included within to bog down or grind to a halt. In our previous blenders I was always worried that the motor would burn up even when I put it through the lightest of motions.

The Waring blender is something that we could definitely see utilized over the course of three to five years; everything on it is rugged and well designed ensuring that it could be put through the rigors of everyday use without fading or otherwise seeing a reduction in its capacities. The device is not overly tall or bulky on a counter top meaning that one could have it sit in the back corner and hide away; the MX1200RXT is not something that one will need to pick up and put back in a cabinet every time they wish to use the device. The great thing about this blender is that it does not require a stick to press down or otherwise tamp material to get into the blade apparatus rather the tapered design of the chamber is such that material will slide down into the path of the blades. Whether one is using it to create minced baby food, mixed drinks, smoothies, or pates there is a reason to purchase the device.

The MSRP of the Waring XTREME Variable Speed Blender  is about $399 and if one goes to the company’s website they can locate information about this blender and the rest of their product line. The next time that you are in the market for a blender, take a long, hard look at the MX1200RXT; it blends durability with ease of use to make for a must-have kitchen device.

Rating: 10/10

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