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The process by which one brings draft beer home is a perilous one despite the technological innovations that have occurred over the course of the last decade. When one utilizes the brown bottle glass growler that has a screw off top, there’s a good chance that the carbonation and nuanced flavors of a beer will be lost by the time the one leaves the brewery to say nothing about the days that the effort might spend in a fridge.Reduce Vacuum Beer Growler

While the flip top variant of the growler looks to create a more airtight seal it still fails the second that water or beer enters into the space between ring and growler, creating a connection that is not airtight. We received the Reduce Vacuum Beer Growler, a product that looks to go and address some of the concerns that have been present in the past with growlers. The stainless steel construction is very thick ensuring that the growler will stand up to repeat drops and jostles. The insulation contributed by the design of the Reduce Vacuum Beer Growler means that this receptacle is much more an insulated cooler and warmer than a simple bottle. While we were focused on placing and keeping beer in the growler there is a sense that one can keep liquids and beverages warm for 12 or so hours.

This means that if one needs to take along a soup during this dreary winter season that the Reduce Vacuum Beer Growler will keep it at a passable temperature for the better part of a day. This growler gains points as the cleaning process is simple; one need not take hours upon hours to clean it. The products has a versatility rare to find in this period of unitaskers. For more information about the whole line of growler efforts that Reduce offers, visit their website. Information can also be gleaned from the company’s social media profiles.

Rating: 9.0/10

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