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We had an opportunity to stop at BurgerFi, one of the main tenants that have sprung up by the Giant Eagle Market District in the Cuyahoga Falls neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. We were treated to quick service, large portions, and a hands-on owner that made our experience a delightful one. 

BurgerFi is a fast-casual restaurant that attempts to inject a bit of the high-brow into an everyday meal. From the ability to receive whichever variant of soda they would like with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine or the sheer amount of toppings that one can include on their fries, visitors to BurgerFi will be able to receive the meal the way they desire.13892094_10104501297865024_2741547033108317049_n

We tried two of BurgerFi’s signature burgers – the Conflicted Burger ($7.47) and The CEO ($9.97). We were surprisingly pleased with the Conflicted Burger, which linked together angus beef with a veggie burger; the crunch of veggie patty provided a more substantive mouth feel when included alongside the beef burger. The BurgerFi sauce and white cheddar included on the burger tied these disparate elements together.13680742_10104501297341074_6979001401853512380_n

The CEO is a behemoth of a burger. The base of The CEO are two wagyu + brisket blended patties; an aged swiss adds an additional sharpness to the effort. A candied bacon-tomato jam is paired with a truffle aioli to add a smoky, nutty side to the burger. We shared a Cry + Fry ($5.47), a split order of BurgerFi’s onion rings and hand-cut fries. The onion rings are fried to perfection and are taken from the thicker outside of an onion, while the hand-cut fries shine when a topping is included. We got the Parmesan + herb, but the restaurant offers cajun and salt + vinegar toppings along with cheese, chili, or aioli options.13901308_10104501297450854_4074002050971124476_n

The restaurant allows individuals to create single ($4.47), double ($5.97), or triple ($7.47) hamburgers based on their desires. A wide array of condiments (relish, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, BurgerFi sauce) are available along with premium ingredients including grilled mushrooms, truffle aioli, bacon-tomato jam, and fried eggs.

BurgerFi also offers wagyu ($5.47), chicken ($4.97), and natural beef hot dogs ($3.97). We got our American-Style Kobe Beef Dog (the wagyu) done up in the Chicago style ($1/dog extra), which included diced onion, tomato, mustard, neon relish, sport peppers, pickle, and celery salt on a poppy seed bun. The crispness and light char of the hot dog was the perfect counterpoint for the traditional, doughy bun.13906853_10104501297535684_8454062140973883917_n Their Red Velvet Concrete ($5.57) is a multi-layered ice cream treat. Vanilla ice cream, red velvet cake, and even icing are all present at points before one finishes the dessert.

As fans of craft beer, we were quite impressed at the selection of beers that BurgerFi offered. During our visit, the restaurant promoted offerings from Stow/Kent’s MadCap brewery as well as Ohio City’s Platform Beer Co. . The ability of BurgerFi to change out these taps means that there will always be a brew for the weather; during the 90-plus degree day we attended the restaurant, BurgerFi offered crisp and refreshing India Pale Ales along with a nice variety of chilled wine. 13886504_10104501297944864_4602008870803739588_n

BurgerFi is a warm and inviting restaurant that uses quality ingredients while keeping things affordable. A focus on recycling and upcycling (some furniture is made from recycled cans and palettes) makes the experience particularly fulfilling.


BurgerFi / 2002 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223 / 11AM-10PM / / /

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