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Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat

We have had experience with a number of different brands of car seats over the course of the last year or so. While it seems that everybody has a certain base level of quality that they achieve with their products,  there is considerable difference in terms of the fit and the overall comfort of the car seat to the child between brands.

We received the Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat for review a few months ago and immediately installed it into our sedan. Where we had some issues with other higher-end car seats in the past in regards to the amount of clearance that the seat allows in regards to looking through the back windshield.

The Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat is able to go and provide considerable coverage for the child without obscuring the parents view. The five point harness has memory foam padding on it to provide the utmost in safety for the child while there is a decent amount of adjustments that can be made as a child continues to grow. The car seat is not incredibly heavy making it easier for parents to move the seat between vehicles. The seat is made with durable materials that can be washed and scrubbed down to restore the product to a like-new state after any sort of spill or mess is made. The twist-resistant technology that the Roadster utilizes ensures that the harness will fit properly, meaning that any sort of impact that the car gets into will be distributed equally rather than hitting any one point to a greater degree.

All in all we were quite pleased with the overall quality of the Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat. The sheer amount of padding and the ability for the car seat to adapt to our ever-growing child puts it in a class far above other car seats that we have tried. For more information about the entirety of different Recaro car seats and products visit their website. The company has different lines based on where one is in the world so make sure that if you’re in the United States to pick up the Recaro Roadster Convertible Car Seat and if you were in another country to see what is currently available and your markets and online retailers.

Rating: 9.2/10

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