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G Pen Elite (Grenco Science)

The G Pen Elite is one of newest products available from Grenco vaporizers. We really found ourselves enjoying this vape and would love to share the experience we had with you. The first thing to talk about is the sleek design. The shape of the pen fits right into your hand, the feel is comfortable and natural. It doesn’t get too hot either. We’ve used vaporizers in the past that get uncomfortably warm after only a few minutes, the G Pen Elite we were able to use it for over 10 minutes with no problem. If the pen does start to feel warm to you, it’s easy to turn the temperature down with the sleek styled up or down button on the side. The Grenco G Pen Elite has the ability to evenly vape your dry herbs; unlike other personal size vaporizers the G Pen has a very constant heat source. So when it utilizes the herbs inside it’s not focusing on just one area; there is no chance of hot spots burning your herbs. The LED interface of the G Pen Elite ensures that one will be able to utilize the device in all locations, no matter whether they are camping out in the stars or are tooling around during the late night performances at a music festival. The battery life of the G Pen Elite far outstrips that of similarly-priced competitors. Where one feels almost as if they have to keep their vaporizers plugged in, the G Pen Elite has a sufficient enough battery capacity that one can use the vaporizer a number of times before having to put it back on the hook.
Probably the best this about the G Pen Elite is that its price, Grenco is offering a top of the line vaping experience around $150 (USD).

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