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HyperX CloudX Headphones, a value-priced must-have

We were quite taken back with the value of Kingston’s HyperX CloudX headphones. Priced at around $100, these headphones do a tremendous job in providing purchasers with a faithful reproduction of every voice, song, and other nuance that occurs whenever they are playing a video game or staying active online.

These headphones are sharp and the colorway is red-heavy; the Games of War logo is reproduced and will stand up nicely to damage from the elements. The ear cup is economically designed to make it easy for individuals to have them on their head for extended periods of time while still having a quality of material that will stand up to constant periods of wet and dry states. These headphones are adjustable in a fashion that one can easily customize the tightness of it, meaning that children of a certain age as well as adults will be able to go and find the right fit for their Noggin.

Hyperx headphones also are a smart buy for anybody that wishes to use their device on cellular phones and other electronic toys, The experience that we had with the HyperX CloudX headphones was a step better than other products covering around the hundred-dollar range. I believe the CloudX’s undefinable quality comes in the replay aspect of these headphones. Where there seems to be a little bit of compression on the highs and the lows of music for these mid-level headphones, the Kingston headphones had the ability to reproduce the highest octaves as well as the deepest most booming bass that one could experience. The HyperX line has a number of different products that are all available for individuals looking to match performance, quality and an approachable price point. For additional information about the entirety of the HyperX line visit the company’s website.

Rating: 9.3/10

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