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Munchkin Auto Close Metal Gate

Our daughter has just reached the stage that she is mobile, toddling around the house. As a result we have needed to go and procure a gate to block off certain rooms in our house.

We had initially received a traditional wood gate which utilized a plastic stop that would be defeated by a child shortly after they first come into contact with it. The Munchkin Auto Close Metal Gate comes largely put together with only a modicum of work needed to ensure that it provides a tight fit. I’d venture we took about 10 minutes to fit the gate to our doorway. The gate requires that one lift up the panel and swing it outwards, an action that toddlers are not strong enough to do. The pads that comprise the four points of contact with the door frame are wide enough to insure a strong fit without causing damage to one’s paneling. The Munchkin Company has also included extenders for those door frames that are in excess of 26 inches.

Furthermore for those looking  to go and keep the gate on the top of the stairs, further mounting materials are presented. Munchkin has created a baby gate that is absolutely essential for anyone that wants peace of mind as their child becomes more mobile. The gate would also be perfect for those with animals that can’t hop distances of greater than 36 inches.

The material that comprises much of this baby gate is a coated steel, ensuring that it will be able to stand up 2 all sorts of damage. The frame also can withstand torque owing to its construction so those with grabby children can keep their peace of mind.

Make sure to visit the Munchkin website for additional information about the full array of products that the company releases. The Munchkin Auto Close Metal Gate retails for around $50.

Rating: 9.1/10

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