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Jimmyjane - Afterglow Special Edition

Jimmyjane has created an entry-level set that allows a couple to have a memorable night. The Afterglow Special Edition includes the CONTOUR M Ceramic Massage Stone, the AFTERGLOW Special Edition COCOA + FIG, and the FORM 2 Special Edition.

We can see the night beginning with preparing the bed and lighting the Afterflow special candle. This candle ties together cocoa and fig smells, providing a sensuous environment in which activities can occur.

The Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone should be used to get the partner into a calmed state. This provides enough heft to get deep into muscle tissue, while its material can easily be warmed to a nice temperature with a deep into hot water. The polish of the stone is such that one can easily clean up the Contour M and prepare it for its’ next section.

The FORM 2 is a silicone-covered clitoral stimulator that is customizable, given additional depth due to inclusion of a motor in each side of the device. We particularly dug the different modes of the FORM 2; each mode felt considerably different rather than just having the motors run at a slower or quicker speed. Crafting the product to make it waterproof further increases the number of venues in which a couple (or a solo) can enjoy the FORM 2. Easily rechargeable, the FORM 2 will remain in one’s toolkit for years to come.

Ordering directly from Jimmyjane’s website, one can add a number of additional tools to the Afterglow SE, including a set of glass ben wah balls ($10.50), a blindfold ($12), or a cleaner for the products in the set ($20).  Individuals that wish to learn more about the Afterglow Special Edition or locate the full array of Jimmyjane’s products can check out the company’s domain. Additional news and information is present on the brand’s social media profiles.

Rating: 8.6/10

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