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Divorce has its effects not just on the parents, but on the children too, in some cases, on a much higher scale. There are many couples that try to think that what would be the effects on their children if they get divorced. Here are some of the studies on this matter.

A research has been held that has compared the children of married parents to the children of divorced parents, according to this popgi research:

Divorce Affect Children

  • Children that are from divorced parents usually aren’t that good in studies. They have problems in their overall behavior. They don’t usually get good grades. There are less children that graduate from the school that are from a divorced home.
  • Kids with divorced parents are much more likely to commit crimes as a teen of a young person.
  • Children of divorced parents are likely to live in a home with financial issues. This is because mostly after a divorce, the custodial parent loses most of the financial support.
  • Teens that are from divorced parents are more likely to come in contact with alcohol and drugs than the teens that have both their parents.

You should keep in mind that all of the children described above are normal. They can’t be much different than your own child. Their parents also had no idea that their kids would become interested in things like these. Family life is very important for children.

Here are some other things to take into consideration:

  • Children that are of divorced parents are more likely to get sick. They have also be reported to recover much more slowly than the other children. Studies also show that these children had more chances of suffering child abuse.
  • Children belonging from divorced homes usually get psychological problems that can lead to issues that can last till their adulthood.

The thing that children suffer hugely from the divorce of their parents, is largely underrated. Where we know that not all children stray from their path after their parents get divorced, but we do know that if not all, a lot do. There are also a few children that have divorced parents but achieve a lot in their life.


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