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Eztain - Iconoclast EP

Australia’s Eztain has just released his Iconoclast EP, a release that touches upon a number of distinct electronic styles. The first track (and titular effort) on this EP is able to create a cogent narrative while being an instrumental composition. Strong syntheseizer and a shuffling beat build off of the style of artists like Daft Punk and Cassius. There is just enough spontaneity here to the momentum high until the single’s concluding notes. Chimaera has a haunting sound and challenges genre conventions. There is a shuffling sound to this effort that will get listeners out on the dance floor, as Eztain is able to create a dark / light dichotomy to ensnare fans. 

Enhanced Vanilla is another highlight on the Iconoclast EP. On this effort, Eztain is able to call back to mid-nineties dance and early-oughts industrial for a track that twinkles even four-plus minutes in. Asymetrical2 is Eztain’s foray into more trance and ambient sounds, making for a perfect bouncy track that will play well in summertime. The vocal sample that comprises the backbone for Aphasia refrehses this EP; where many artists are more than happy to keep their output consistent, Ezt5ain is continually innovating and changing things from the beginning to the ending of this release.

What is so surprising about the Iconoclast EP is that there are so many distinct styles and approaches that are brought to bear in the release’s short run time. Rather than sounding cluttered, this release is a cohesive and cogent statement about Eztain. Furthermore, the concluding strains of Infiniyear both conclude the release emphatically whilst showing fans potential avenues that Eztain will go on the follow-up to this release. Give his Soundcloud a spin to hear what’s being hatched from this performer.

Top Tracks: Chimaera, Enhanced Vanilla

Rating: 8.2/10

Eztain – Iconoclast EP / 2017 Self Released / 6 Tracks /

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