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Making an online business under a strict competition which exists on the market today is not a simple task. You can offer the same products, the same service within sports and gaming. While defining your target group, you should develop the service every day and show that your product is better than competitor’s one. You know, it is as simply being the main marketing issue, that no need to mention about the importance of finding your niche.

10 years ago, application for free gaming in social networks was made. And frankly speaking, such tool as SMM became popular very quickly. Then Facebook offered development tools that were distributed free of charge and provided almost unlimited audience coverage. Now gambling in social networks (so-called social casinos) is something average between classic online casinos and non-competitive games where a player can buy virtual items or bonuses for real money. Companies that offer an online or a turnkey software solutions pay attention to the Mobile and SMM inserts in both packages. The so crucial point is of course money. Last year, the revenue has reached 4.5 million euros. According to forecasts, in three years, social and mobile casinos, might reach 19 billion euros. The market is very developed in Asia, though statistics say that Europe is occupying a leading position.



 Why people use “social casino”

The reason is obvious, isn’t it? In social casinos you have a balance in virtual currency, enjoying the process and not risking at the same time to stay with empty pockets.

Here is your target audience portrait. Players in social gambling casinos are more active, compared to online casino visitors. Play more often, they still keep the time per each session longer (number of game days are 1.6 times bigger and in each social players run 1.4 times more sessions). High activity is facilitated by the rapid development of mobile technologies. It contributes to high dynamics due to the accessibility of the Internet, and the gaming platform itself.

 FAQ about money in “social casino”

Every business cares about money. So, how do social casinos make money? Revenues go to operators from virtual money (Bitcoin in the deal), which they receive from players for receiving special opportunities like additional rounds or stages, the profit also comes from advertising placed on the sites.

One more thing these social players are more loyal to the company and tend to transfer to the online casino after some tries of a free version. It works on the principle of the free trial version when you offer people to try it for free, but with some limitations (duration of trial or certain available features). In case they like it, they are ready for the real gambling casino.

So if you are still thinking on social casino enhancement — try it, it works on you if you work on it carefully.





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