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Tunabunny - PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr. (Vinyl)

With a title like that, you kind of know what you’re in for. Spread across two records, this 28-song, 75-minute opus is a pretty bold experiment for the Athens-based indie pop band just three albums into their career. Surprisingly, it pays off handsomely.


There are admittedly some quirky detours here, but also plenty of flat out great pop and rock songs as well, like the melodic “Incinerate,” the jangly ‘Come Feed Your Dogs” or a “Noise Problems,” with its buzz saw guitars.  Like their last two efforts, there is still plenty of electronic instruments throughout, but this record shows them expanding their sound impressively.


Some songs are easier to grasp than others on first listen and it’s a hard record to devote your attention to all at once, but over time, you start to realize just how much work went into every contribution here (unlike many double albums that seem to just pick up every bit of recording, good or not, and cram into submission). With a slow burn appeal that takes a little patience, “PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr.” proves the hype surrounding the band’s last two efforts was well deserved.

Tunabunny – PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr./28 tracks, 2 LP Vinyl Set/HHBTM Records/2017 /

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