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One of the most memorable times that we have had on the road was when we visited Cape May, New Jersey. We did not know about Cape May Brewing Company at that point, but in the last few years we’ve had the chance to review the brewery’s Devil’s Reach to get another chance to experience the area. The brewery is able to build upon their already great reputation with their double India Pale Ale, City to Shore. 

City to Shore pours with a hazy straw yellow coloration and possesses a fair amount of white head that sticks to the insides of a glass.There is a good balance to this DIPA in that there is a very strong sort of traditional piney / floral hop presence that is countered with the juicier (more grapefruit / orange juice) notes of the New England IPA style. The alcohol content is masked perfectly here, making this a thirst-quencher along with having a tremendously deep set of flavors. No two sips of City to Shore are the same, as hints of apricot, wheat, hay, and grapefruit come into and fade from prominence. The body is light to medium, meaning that one can take bigger sips than in a great many high ABV / high IBU double IPA efforts.

City to Shore’s alcohol content is noticed in one way; the overall flavor profile that individuals will experience when they open each sixteen-ounce can stays remarkably constant until the end. The hop presence does not taper off in a fashion that is present in a number of lower-ABV India Pale Ales. City to Shore is fantastic, a double IPA that fans of the style along with newbies to the more aggressively-hopped beer can appreciate. Check it out.

Rating: 9.8/10

City to Shore (Cape May Brewing Company) / Double India Pale Ale / 7.8% ABV  / /

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