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It’s al;ways exciting to get something for review from a brewery that is new to you. It’s doubly exciting when they are fairly close to you (the brewery is located in Oklahoma City). COOP Ale Works’ Gran Sport Porter pours with a dark, rich brown coloration and a small amount of off-white head. The beer’s initial nose is a bit nutty, with bits of toasted male poking through. The full mouthfeel of one’s initial sip of Gran Sport further amplifies these notes, while adding more nuanced flavors including brown sugar and a bit of hop bitterness to the mix. This brew is able to stave off the winter chill as well as pair nicely with a wide variety of strongly-flavored fare. 

As COOP’s Gran Sport Porter continues to warm, hints of coffee and chocolate become more noticeable. We positively adore the balance that the GS Porter has, never shifting into an overly-sweet or hoppy demeanor. This Protean nature means that imbibers will continually pick up new twists and turns with additional sips. This has the positive externality of keeping one’s interest in this brew high from the first time that a can is opened all the way out to the last sip from the aluminum.

For additional information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal offerings, make it a point to check out their main domain. News and fresh efforts coming off of the the brewery’s canning/bottling lines will be announced on COOP Ale Work’s social media profiles.

Rating: 9.0/10

Gran Sport Porter (COOP Ale Works) / 5.2% ABV / 43 ibu

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