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On first listen, you’d be hard pressed to give a specific year that Oberon Rose put together “Tell Me About It.” The band’s specifically unique brand of psychedelic-tinged pop music brings to mind everyone from Big Star and Badfinger to Wings and The Posies, a decidedly timeless sound. Elsewhere on the record, on tracks like “No Stranger,” they play garage rock in the vein of The Flammin’ Groovies or The Kinks. It could have just as believably come out in 1978 as 2018.

Across nine tracks, Oberon Rose (taken from singer Tommy Oberon and lyricist Rebecca Rose) turn in a solid, cohesive set that builds on nicely from their 2012 debut.

At times the band risks sounding too much like their influences, occasionally coming off as retro for the sake of being retro, but it’s hard to deny that Oberon Rose knows their way around great harmonies and melodies. The record is a little uneven at times, but when they nail it, like on “Tell me About It,” the talent is undeniable.

Oberon Rose – Tell me About It/9 tracks/ThouArt Records/2018 / Facebook

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