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With the obesity epidemic going rampant and the number of people who are overweight even greater than that of obese, it’s no wonder that weight loss is a pressing matter for millions of people. Appetite suppression is one of the essential steps in nearly any weight loss program. When done right it’s a very effective method that can help one adapt to a new diet and shed excess pounds faster. However, it can be dangerous as well. What you need is to know healthy methods of appetite suppression, which basically boil down to eating the right things at the right time.

3 Methods of Healthy Appetite Suppression You Should Try

1.      Eat more dietary fiber over carbs

The most effective and safe method of suppressing your appetite is to prevent your stomach from going empty. Of course, when weight loss is your ultimate goal, you can’t snack all the time. However, you can ear fiber-rich foods at mealtimes.

A study published in the Journal of Endocrinology explains how fiber does not only fill your digestive tract for longer because it takes a long time to digest. Consuming fiber-rich foods also helps affect your hormones, literally preventing your brain from sending out ‘I’m hungry’ signals. This happens because the elements released into the bloodstream while fiber is digested trigger the signals of satiety.

2.      Start your day with protein

When it comes to healthy appetite suppression, your main goal is to consume foods that will ‘trick’ your body into feeling satiated longer. Protein in the morning is one of those. That’s why eggs are always on the list of what to eat to lose weight fast. In fact, the majority of healthy weight loss diets suggest having eggs or dairy products for breakfast.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity covered an interesting experiment that compared people who ate breakfasts of eggs vs. those who ate bagels. The caloric value of their meals was the same, yet by the end of three weeks, the rate of weight loss among those who ate protein-rich meals was 65% higher.

Note that consuming proteins does not only make you less hungry, so you don’t crave a snack before lunch. Proteins are building blocks for muscles. Therefore, if your weight loss program includes exercise, this food will help you build up lean body mass.

3.      Get solid snacks instead of smoothies

Remember that healthy appetite suppression means that you should be eating enough to provide your body with the necessary amount of energy to function properly. It can be tempting to ‘trick’ your brain into suppressing hunger by drinking a glass of juice or a smoothie. However, you need to understand that our bodies process liquid and solid calories differently. That’s one of the reasons why liquid diets might be dangerous.

Overall, while a drink might relieve the worst of your hunger immediately, the effect won’t last. A solid fiber-packed snack, on the other hand, will effectively prevent cravings for a long while. A well-balanced weight loss diet must have occasional snacks included in its plan. A handful of nuts or seeds as well as slices of fresh fruits or vegetables are best options. Note that dried fruits contain a lot of sugar, so you might need to avoid them if you are severely overweight.

The best news is that you’ll need to worry about suppressing your appetite only at first. If your diet is well-balanced, the body will adjust fast and you won’t feel hungry all the time.


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