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21 Taras begin their new album Change with Change Is Gonna Come , an introductory effort which immediately showcases the band’s technical ability. The dynamic established by the bass, guitar, and drums during the first half-minute ensures that the vocals have a tremendous bit of momentum as they enter into the equation. The driving dynamic between the vocals and guitars call back to the heavy rock of Thin Lizzy and The Cult.

21 Taras are crafting their own style by the time that Gettin’ Hungry begins. Gettin’ Hungry has a unique style that effortlessly links together blues, jazz, and 19th-century piano rolls. The robust production ensures that both sets of vocals, the rockabilly-infused instrumentation are able to gel into something cohesive and endearing. The Ego and The Universe is a high-water mark for the band on Change. Sizzling guitars and ropy bass lines unite to tell a dense and detailed story. Each second yields something additional as the harmonica is included in the mix.

I’ve Been Better, I Be Worse is a fantastic track that is simultaneously able to bring 1970s soul, 1960s rock and the epic sound of Billy Joel and Elton John to bear. While the song may stop before the five-minute mark, the magnificent sound that 21 Taras builds up here will stick around with listeners long after the album ceases to play. The guitar work  reaches new heights here as the lively bass and splashy drums enter in. Change concludes with From A Distance, a track that is able to touch upon on the trends and approaches previously broached on the disc while spinning the band into a bold new direction.

For additional information about 21 Taras, check out their social media profiles. A full-length listen to Change can be located at the act’s Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: Change Is Gonna Come, The Ego and The Universe

Rating: 8.2/10

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