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There isn’t a lot you can say are wrong with Computer Glasses, especially when it comes to the section of myths. But think again. There are dozens of myths that surround Computer Glasses that you may not know about. Even so, you might have come across one or two myths without realizing. If anything, you may have also believed them and took them to be true. That’s why you didn’t notice how much you were being deceived.

Luckily, you can kiss all that goodbye. This article aims to debunk all the myths and misconceptions surrounding Computer Glasses. Some of which will even shock you knowing that you have stood by them and believed them to be true.

  1. If you suddenly stop wearing glasses, your vision will deteriorate faster

Not true. This is one myth just about everyone who wears glasses, plus the people that don’t, believe. Many people believe that if you are already wearing Computer Glasses when working, then the side effects of not using them at times can cause distortion and blurriness. There isn’t any truth to this as attempting to focus without your Computer Glasses doesn’t deteriorate your vision faster. It is, however, true that doing this could cause significant eyestrain and squinting. The only significant effects of not wearing your Computer Glasses can be a temporary discomfort. But you won’t be in harming your eye.

  • Wearing Computer Glasses makes your eyes stronger

Again, there isn’t any truth to this either. Wearing Computer Glasses only makes your vision clearer. Not stronger. To mean, putting on Computer Glasses doesn’t impact your prescription in any way. What might confuse some people into thinking Computer Glasses makes eyes stronger is when they hear others refer to magnifications as ‘strengths.’ It is essential to note that this doesn’t, in any way, mean that Computer Glasses make your eyes stronger.

The plain truth is that you cannot cure lousy vision by wearing Computer Glasses, or any other glasses, every day.

  • Eating carrots daily improves eyesight

Okay, this is the one misconception just about every kid grows up believing. This is mainly because parents keep stressing it. However, you might want to know that eating carrots daily or every other hour won’t help you if you already have poor eyesight. Taking carrots will not restore your clear vision. Carrots are, however, jam-packed with nutrients that are excellent for protecting your eyes. Vitamin A is one such nutrient which is widely known and scientifically proved to reduce your chances of getting cataracts or other age-related muscular degeneration.

  • Reading in dim light can worsen your eyesight

Not true. No matter what you’ve heard other people say, you will most certainly not go blind when reading in the dark. Reading in the dark will only make it harder for you to make out what your reading. But it will not make you blind or worsen your eyesight. In low light, your eyes relax to collect light and contract to focus on what you are reading. It is very easy for your eyes to become strained and tired from this which can result in sore, dry, or watery eyes. In extreme cases, you may even experience headaches. It’s true that reading in the dark can be quite bothersome. However, it is vital to note that these symptoms are only temporary. They won’t cause your eyesight any long-term damage.

  • Continuously wearing Computer Glasses worsens your vision over time

Computer Glasses, or any other kinds of glasses, are only meant to aid and improve your vision. There is no way they can make your eyesight any worse. What happens here is that as we continue to age and get older, our vision deteriorates more. So, if you begin to realize that you need even stronger glasses than the ones you have, it doesn’t mean that the glasses made your eyesight worse. It only means that you need stronger glasses. So, don’t fret. Simply head to the store and get better Computer Glasses that have been prescribed for your condition.

  • Over-the-counter glasses can hurt your eyes

This statement is false. Using OTC Computer Glasses from an online retailer or pharmacy won’t hurt your eyes. If you can find the perfect OTC glasses with the perfect magnifying lenses, then it can work perfectly for you.

However, before you buy OTC glasses, it is essential that you know the reading power that you are looking for. If you are not sure about the magnification power of the Computer Glasses you need, then you might need to consult an eye doctor. In any case, if you shop for OTC Computer Glasses that have either too weak or too strong powers can be quite bothersome. Doing so will, however, not cause you any long-term damages to your vision.

  • Sitting to close to the computer is bad for your eyes

If you are looking for one rumor that has been circling through the years since before the ‘60s, this is it. It may have been true those years back. However, today’s screens have much better shielding from radiation that the computers emit. So, sitting in front of a computer for too long might, today, only cause you some discomfort like irritation, eyestrain, or dry eyes. But that’s it. Here is where good Computer Glasses come into play. If you intend to stick in front of a computer for too long, don’t put your eyes through all that struggle if you can help it.

  • If you can see fine, you don’t need regular eye exams

If you’ve been lucky enough so far to cruise through life with excellent vision, that’s awesome. However, that shouldn’t deter you from having regular eye exams. You should know that many eye and vision problems don’t even have symptoms. You might think your eyes are perfect when in the real sense, trouble might be looming.

Final thoughts

Getting Computer Glasses to protect your eyes or aid clear your vision especially when you intend to use your screen for too long is a wise decision. But the myths and falsified information mentioned above can either make you have second thoughts about shopping for them or misguide you. It is, therefore, essential that you wise up and know to differentiate what’s TRUE from what’s FALSE. And start from there.

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