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While not quite in Ryan Adams/Willie Nelson territory when it comes to prolific visits to the recording studio, Graham Smith’s Kleenex Wonder Girl is certainly on a role. “White Lacuna,” was his second full length in 2018, and sixth in less than 10 years. And far from sounding like a collection of cast-offs and B-Sides, the tracks that make up this latest effort can stand strong against any of his other records.

While not exactly a concept album, “White Lacuna” tracks the break-up of a relationship across 10 surprisingly poppy indie rock songs. The theme is pretty much cast with the opening track, “The History of Ice” and is carried throughout on songs like “Hope All is Lost” and “White Witch.”  The album closes with the raucous “Wet Wizard” (at least raucous for Kleenex Wonder Girl), a frenetic closing argument.

Smith has made a reputation off of memorable riffs and great pop hooks, wrapped around witty lyrics and he certainly keeps that rep in check with “White Lacuna”.

Kleenex Wonder Girl – White Lacuna/10 tracks/Reasonable Records/2019

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