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With the advent of technological innovation and discoveries, there is very little that man could not do. In the past, everything had to be done by hand. Nowadays there are a huge number of robots and machineries that could do what human do in the shortest amount of time and with incredible accuracy. The fear that jobs may become obsolete since most companies would opt for robots or automated processed is actually becoming a reality, more than one would want to think about. Every conceivable device, technological advancements and ingenuity can now be developed and marketed in the future. Just recently, a phone company revealed their newest product which was a foldable smart phone. The design and invention of such have probably taken years and years to perfect, but at the moment it is now a reality. Just how they did it is puzzling to think about, let alone comprehend the intricacies of the design, the small parts, the materials used and the programs that came with it. It science fiction movies showed us flying cars, mobile homes in the sky, holograms, space travel and the likes, those things are now becoming real and are no longer a figment of our imagination. With the discoveries of lightweight materials, miniature circuit boards, touch screens and all other inventions, there is no limit to what people may invent or develop in the future.

                In the past, artificial intelligence was something so complex and alienating that we feared that it may take over human civilization and would result to us being enslaved by machines who could think. What we don’t realize is that for every smart appliance that we own, or the smart lighting that we install in our homes, or that smart airconditioning and heater that we have in our houses, we are already making use of artificial intelligence. Anything that is programmable has an AI in it, and it is not that bad, by all means, it makes our life easier. One of the earliest inventions that have kept us entertained and one that has probably kept up with the advancements in technology is the television set. The TV has entertained so many generations and have become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Even the poorest families have a TV set, and although TVs are manufactured and priced based on how advanced it is, there is almost thousands to choose from. In the past years, there had been a race among TV production companies to come up with the latest and most advanced TV. At its early form, TVs were bulky as it needed that cathode ray to produce the images in the TV screen, but with the invention of the plasma, then the LED and the touch screens, the TV has become slimmer and more sophisticated than before. Now we have high-definition TVs, curved TV screens and wide screens like 105 inch screen. One can only think about what else a TV could be in the future.

                Here comes the mirror TV.

                Mirror TVs are actually a mirror and a TV, basically, if the TV is turned off, what the viewer would see is a fully functioning mirror, but when it is turned one, the mirror becomes a TV, just like magic. However, this is not magic, but something that is very real and is actually marketed in upscale hotels, condominiums and executive suites or in the homes of the very rich. The mirror TV was designed to allow the TV to blend seamlessly with the interior decoration of the home. It is a reality that for most expensive homes, the entertainment center is in a separate room so as not to interfere with the decorations of the home. But, there are those who would prefer to have their TV in the family room or the great living room as it would allow them easy access to the kitchen or the bar. The problem is, a TV could be an eyesore for the home’s overall look. The solution to which is the mirror TV, if not used, the TV is kept hidden from view since one would only see a mirror which can be strategically placed in the home. But when used, the mirror automatically becomes a TV, the homeowner would have function, entertainment and aesthetics at the same time. Now the question is, how does a mirror TV work? For all intents and purposes, the TV is placed under the mirror, and is designed to produce images that would be reflected to the mirror. The mirror is semi-transparent, it is able to reflect the light or brightness of the TV screen so it can be seen when the TV is on, and must not let the light be absorb by the mirror when the TV is turned off.

                Without a doubt, if it is the first time you are seeing a mirror TV, you would probably think it was magic, but then it is not, it is just science. Mirror TVs can actually come as a complete package wherein you just have to install it wherever you want it in the house, or a customizable one that could be made to fit in whatever space you want so that it will blend with the room’s overall design. Some people have even been making a do-it-yourself mirror TV by using a standard TV set and a semi-transparent mirror. However, the downside to this is that using a conventional TV set would have poor lighting when placed under the mirror and would have poor quality images when turned on. Those who manufacture mirror TVs actually use a very brightly lit TV so that it would compensate for the loss of brightness from being under the mirror.

                If you plan to get a mirror TV, make sure that you know the technical details and requirements of such, and the problems like overheating or water proofing of the whole installation as this may affect the quality of the TV. Moreover, make sure that it will fit the space you want it to be installed in, it is much better to call an expert for this.

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