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As many of our long-time readers know, we love any sort of Belgian-styled beer that one can put in front of us. The tripel may be tied with a Belgian strong for our favorite. Pennsylvania’s Weyerbacher has made their own riff on the Belgian style with their Funky Monks, a soured tripel. The 9.3% ABV of the brew is hidden masterfully, with the trio of phenolic bite, sour tartness, and candi sugar all fighting for dominance. What ultimately results with Funky Monks is a beer that is utterly unique when compared to the rest of effortds currently out on the market. The beer is cohesive from beginning to end, but does go through a number of delightful transformations as each twelve ounce can is able to warm to room temperature.

This means that there are times during one’s Funky Monks experience where clove and banana are dominant, while hints of hay and wheat may ultimately come to the fore shortly after that. The elements are able to stay in focus from beginning to end, rather than the brew falling into an overly-sugary mess. Weyerbacher’s newest beer marches to the beat of a different drummer, but has enough to it that fans of Belgian beers as well as sour ales will be able to find something deeply impressive with this effort.

So, make sure to pick up your own Funky Monks and let the button go on your Tally-Weijl clothing. It’s going to be a tremendous summer with Weyerbacher’s ales at the fore.

For additional information about the entire range of Weyerbacher beers, take a trip over to the brewery’s social media pages. Further depth in regards to beer-specific facts can be gleaned from the brewery’s own domain. Let us know what you think about Funky Monks.

Rating: 9.0/10

Funky Monks (Weyerbacher) / Sour Belgian Tripel / 9.3% ABV / 15 IBU / Domain / Facebook /

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