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Detective Pikachu was one of the few movies that is able to build upon the framework of a previous TV property and renovate it for the current era. While some of the graphics seemed a bit wonky at points, the story was all there. The brightness of the film really made me think of the times that I have had with my wife at the various gaming institutions around the United States.

I know it is a bit different if you are abroad or in some other lands, but casinos here bring you in with the promise of free play and a number of cheap slots at the door. Shortly after that, there are recognizable name properties that will have fans of things like Monopoly and the Avengers spend their hard-earned cash on some sort of progressive jackpot. I am much too cheap to go to the tables, even when hands are only $5 or so; there’s just way too much risk without much in the way of reward should I defeat the odds and win.

We’ve had much more of luck going onto online casinos. Whether it be through traditional websites or via mobile applications, it just seems as if the odds are a bit more in your favor. There are a number of distinct games and it seems as if the entry into games of chance like poker and baccarat are much more approachable than they are in person.

We’d like to make it over to the United Kingdom in person some year, but until we can scurry together about $5-10K, we’ll have to make use of the online casinos UK scene. There is a bit different feeling to these sort of websites over what we commonly have in the United States. With slightly different sorts of games that are available as well, jumping on these sort of websites is a nice shake-up for those sort of nights when things are a bit boring.

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