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Today, we are speaking with iLUMiNATiVE. How have you been?

Hi pretty good thanks, I am happy to finish a new project for this year. I have been marketing my new music and have been enjoying positive feedback. The album overall is pretty positive so I guess I get what I put out.

What sort of events have transpired in your life since your last album, 2017ʼs The Awakening?

It has been a couple of years and a lot has happened. 2018 was probably one of the toughest years of my life. I wanted to record this new album last year but I was having a rough year with my career and personal life. It seemed like everything was coming to an end, a crunch and I held onto my faith of knowing that life can’t be bad always. I had a lot of signs from what I call spirit, things like wild animals/animal totems, sweet things that kept my hope going. I was at a point last year where I never imagined doing this album because this project is all about hope, love, faith, spirit, etc. I didn’t want to really contradict all of it so I waited. You could say my faith was tested in 2018 and this album was the light at the end of the tunnel. I really like a lyric I heard from rapper Yelawolf, he said “They see God in me because I know hell”, that really stroke a chord in me.

You have a new album. What is Kundalini and why is it rising?

In 2013 I started to study Tantra and Tantric practices. I went to a Tantric Priestess/Dakini for a healing session and I felt that she helped unblock my life force, all my chakras (aka energy fields) and opened me up completely. She had helped raise my Kundalini, dormant life force energy that sits at the base of the spine. When it is stimulated it shoots up the body like lightening and raises the whole body in a wave like motion. The whole body is electrified once it processes through and it feels like a second birth…not that I remember my first birth lol.

I felt like I could breath properly again, following a near drowning experience I had in Hawaii years earlier which lead to holding my breath every night in my sleep. After this happening I went for a sleep apnea test and an asthma check. Doctors found nothing so I was seeking help and healing; hence the Tantric healing. My partner always said I was holding my breath while I was sleeping and would nudge me to attempt to save me lol, later this lead to a life after death experience in my dream but I came back.

I had a few other dramas happen during this process, one was a surfing accident, my surfboard stabbed me in the forehead close to my 3rd eye. I copped 7 internal and external stitches. Another incident (not accident) was a 100 KM/H car crash into a back of a stopping car. My brakes had failed due to the car malfunctioning, I was fortunate the person and I was not injured. I was buzzing after it though, so everything contributed to my awakening, all the bad incidents are blessings in hindsight.

The kundalini is rising because more and more people are going through this natural experience. Kundalini awakening is occurring across the globe at this time. My songs include personal stories connected to Kundalini. Since my Kundalini awakening I have attracted snakes to my home, when I am out and about almost walking on them, I also encountered a large serpent snake in my dreams. The serpent is a powerful spiritual symbol and it represents wisdom too.

Many of our readers are from the United States and receive their news in a certain fashion. Being from another country, how do actions here influence you?

Everything in the agenda from the world government happens in the USA before Australia so I can see what is introduced and what is to come even for us. Personally I don’t tune into mainstream media anymore as it is a 3rd dimensional paradigm that is controlling the minds of the people, setting their perceptions of the world. When in the natural world / reality there is more than negativity happening. The news seems more fixated on negativity (not that it is not happening too) and less on anything positive. When people awaken they awaken to not only darkness but the light in the world too.   It may sound selfish or disassociated but since my spiritual awakening I am only concerned with setting myself and those that will hear me free. I can’t change anyone accept myself and be an example for those that want more light. I am a bit of a dark worker, I shine light on peoples negativity even if people don’t like it. People can think I am negative or dark but I am not, I help people face their darkness even in me.

There seems to be a bit more new age and electronic sound to your music than a few years back. Who have been your influences and what are you currently listening to that influenced your overall music?

My lyrics are connect to working as a healer since 2013 after my conscious awakening in 2012. I went down the rabbit hole learning everything I could about healing and consciousness even up to this day. The new album was due in my awareness, this is a sequel and a report after the awakening project. I studied a lot of spiritual masters which helped me after many experiences I was having with spirits visiting me, dream visions (future, present and past), psychic readings, past life regressions, soul travel in my dreams, soul retrieval (experiencing in reel time another life death etc. in dreams/OBE)

The music I chose to rap and sing over felt like a good hybrid mix to experiment different deliveries and styles over. I was listening to great rappers to help me rap better; Eminem, Joyner Lucas, Logic, Hopsin and Yelawolf to name a few and I was singing along with Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran albums to improve my singing.

Are there any tracks that didnʼt make the cut for Kundalini Rising?, What sort of chance do we as listeners have to hear these in the future?

There are no dropped songs. I wanted to make sure all songs really worked individually then as a whole. In the beginning I did listen to more beats/ instrumentals but I narrowed the search down to the best 9 only. I also decided to release my album on the 9/9/2019. Number 9 in hyperspace numerology represents unity.

Have we as humanity gone too far on a path of destruction?

Believe it or not I think we are coming out of a mini dark age and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are a lot of people breaking free from the old world of control and fear, the vales are being lifted, people are being shifted. It takes each individual to work on oneself to be better, to contribute to a better world, a new world. We need to remember we have our own reality and there is also a collective reality. People have been in deep mind control slavery for a long time and the mental manifests the physical experience. It is a time of resistance to the old unconscious guard and now time to move with the next revolution of consciousness. Everything works in cycles and we always have the opportunity to change for the better, if one is aware enough to see opportunity, take responsibility and not be blind sighted. Blind meaning when one is unconscious they don’t see conscious solutions. Blind is also those that have not opened their spirit eyes (aka 3rd eye). There are always solutions, opportunities and options to improve everything. Constant change is one absolute law in the Universal Laws, meaning change for the better not the worse. If people are on a path of destruction then thats the experience they will have regardless…thats freewill. If people don’t take that road life for the individual and collective will get better.

Basically awakening is about seeing the right path towards the absolute truth (universal laws that can’t be changed) and taking the higher road so to speak, its pretty clear. There is a lot of talk “my truth, your truth” but really there is only absolute truth in my view. It is a real spiritual law that exists regardless of what a person thinks or believes. We take the roads that lead to a better situation for oneself and the world around us, hopefully guide those that need help but like they say “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”…sometimes I just push the horse in the water lol. There will always be a path of destruction available as long as people continue to take that one. This is why it is so important for one to be self aware and know yourself. Also to have a connection to the natural world and not just the domesticated artificial world thats taken over many lives. A direct connection to spirit, to what people call God or the one, oneness. That in itself is a guiding force with higher intelligence, clearer vision and a great navigator. The one works via our intuition, our feelings and not always our brain. Even though our brain can work as a receiver telepathically in time.

My new song ‘New World’ describes the situation we are in…a demolition. “A demolition must take place, demolish each piece by piece is for peace sake.”

How can our readers experience Kundalini Rising?

A combination of Yoga, exercise, massage, Tantra with a partner or yourself, Kama Sutra, Tantric Yoga, Tantric Sex, Tantric practices, healthy lifestyle, spiritual study. A lot of people are premature and no matter what they do it will never happen, case by case situation. Some people it happens spontaneously. When you are interested in the practices listed above you are on your way, so keep going until you awaken that life force. I keep mine active daily, its not a one time experience, keep riding it, keep it active via these practices. It is one of the greatest powers you will ever experience and its within but its up to you doing the work to reap the reward.

Are there any large events for you in the latter part of 2019 / beginning of 2020?

2019: I am in the process of marketing my new album so I will see what comes from all of my efforts. My album is released on the 9th of September 2019.

In November I will be finishing my Horticulture trade at college. It involves Permaculture / Agriculture so I am learning to be self sustainable, growing my own vegetables etc. it is a revolution in my life. I started germination for all vegetables in season and I am setting up my vegetable garden. This is one way to take the power back in my life,   save money and have chemical spray-free fresh food.

I am getting married and my first child is on the way in October this year!!!! growing seed. Its amazing to be part of the process of a life growing, whether it be plants or a human life. There is a certain happiness that comes from taking care of a life, a soul, an energy, that can not be purchased. I get to be there for the beginning of a life, something I have not experienced in my personal life and I don’t remember my own birth etc.

2020: I will probably be going to Japan for a short trip, not for the Olympics but I do look forward to viewing the skateboarding and surfing in the Olympics. It would be nice to have my album out to lots of people by 2020 and maybe I might do another album?! It depends if I am called for this duty again lol just winging it like an angel would.

Thanks for reading guys!

We previously covered iLUMiNATiVE’s The Awakening back in 2017.

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