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Walk us through the start of your music career; at what point did you know you wished to pursue music professionally?

Music was something I was invested in for a long time now. I remember my father putting me on to Hip hop and R&B greats as a child and I always saw it as an amazing career path but I didn’t have the confidence to fully get into it. But instead I started out with learning instruments and writing poetry to join the music space which suddenly made me realize it’s time to just do what I have always dreamed of doing which was produce, rap and sing my own records. I was at the age of about 14 when it came to mind but not until 20 did I realize it was time to lock in on my dream.

Can you elaborate on how your creative pursuits with poetry have molded your musical style? Are you inspired by any specific artists or poets when constructing your own songs?

Growing up I listened to a large amount of Jay-z, Pharrell, Kanye, Michael Jackson and Drake and one thing they all had in common was that they stayed true to who they were. That inspiration helped me to create songs and poems that were emotional and true to how I felt in the moment. Everyone can make songs about a lifestyle and about fun but I was able to do that but also give a message just like my inspirations did as well.

How do you hope your musical creations impact listeners? What do you want them to take away from “Letter To My Past”?

I want fans to know that I am human. Too many times in entertainment we try to have artists move as if they are not normal people. Sure the song is catchy and fits the mainstream sound but in my lyrics my goal was to relate to modern dating through the lens of just a normal guy. You don’t have to be an artist to feel my message and that’s what makes me unique in my genre.

Why is it important for people, including yourself, to prioritize their passions over anything else?

We are all given 24 hours a day to become our best, in my opinion if you are prioritizing people that don’t enhance your life you are moving backwards. Make time for the ones you love and care for but also use the time you have to go after your passions because life is short. I never want to look back and regret losing out on my dream due to the fact that I spent it on the wrong people or wrong things in my life. 

The graphics for the lyric video are astounding! Can you talk about the production process and the decision to include certain visual elements in the lyric video? Do you have a favorite image or aspect of the video?

I appreciate this a lot thank you! The idea of the video stems from the idea of the Polaroids showing that this story is from my past and not the present. My friend/photographer Malik blessed me with these Polaroids awhile back and I always told him they would be used for my music one day. Two years have gone by and I finally used his art and lyric vids came through with a great final video for my song “Letter to my Past”. My favorite image is easily the beginning slide where immediately you’re hit with multiple Polaroids of moments in my life. This symbolism stems from me looking at old pictures/videos of a past love which also inspired me to make this record as well.

What can fans expect next from Deige? Are there any upcoming projects/ releases that you are willing to share?

I always hold myself to a standard of consistency so trust me when I say I have more music and content coming very soon. I don’t want to give up too much information but all I can say is hop on the journey before I take off, because these next few months will prove how much I love the art of music. 

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