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Oakspire, New Belgium’s collaboration with Four Roses, is a great effort in the American strong ale style. Crafted on a somewhat regular basis since 2018, this brew is something special among all of the other efforts that are currently being stocked in LBSes nationwide. The beer pours with a brown color and a small amount of white head. Lacing occurs as one continues on with the beer. There’s a good amount of malt and wheat elements that are initially present with the beer. As Oakspire continues to acclimate to room tempurature, there are sweeter notes that begin to poke through. The bit of bourbon flavor that pokes through does well in resetting one’s palette. It’s great how delicate this flavor is.

While one can definitely pick it out among the light hoppiness of Oakspire, it is this bit of burn that ensures that no two sips of the brew will be exactly alike. Another fascinating thing about this New Belgium seasonal is how the brewery is able to stave off the boozier notes. What ends up occurring is that one will be halfway through a bottle of Oakspire before long – this is eminently drinkable, quaffable to a serious degree – for a wide swath of fans of brew styles ranging from Irish Reds to doppelbocks to porters.

Oakspire would stand up well alongside strongly-favored fare and works admirably in warming individuals up during these colder winter nights. For additional information about this brew, check out New Belgium’s website and social media profiles. If you have been fortunate enough to pick yourself up a 6-pack of Oakspire, leave a comment and let us know what you think about this beer.

Rating: 8.8/10

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