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Can you describe the meaning behind your artist name Life Change? How does it relate to the music you make?

“Life Change” is how I’ve grown up during the difficult times of my life circle – how my situation was changing from who are you, to how are you. Coming from a country like Liberia with less opportunity for youth, for me, coming this far is a life changing process.

How has B Red inspired you as an artist? What is one lesson you’ve learned from him during the collaboration for “Hit The Spot”?

B-Red inspired me in a few ways. He makes me understand that music is not all about you making good music; it is about how you market your music. He makes me have more confidence in myself about how I make my music. He makes me understand that in the music industry it is always about computation, hard work.

How do some of your favorite hip-hop artists influence your creations?

Most of the artist I listen to influence me, with the way they use lyrics about women with intelligence and things around them – L Cool J, Wale, etc.

Why do you think afrobeat as a genre has been on the rise in mainstream U.S. music?

Afrobeat is the mother of all genres. All afrobeat needed was exposure and the help of the internet. Social media helps the world understand the importance of afrobeat and the hidden talent in Africa. Because afrobeat puts you in the mood to move your body even if you don’t move, and America is one country that has a higher number of black people apart from Africa.

Visualize your dreams! What does the future look like for Life Change?

I am hoping and working to put Liberian music on the map as Davido, Wizkid, Kizz Daniel, and Burna Boy did for their country.

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