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Your sound in the “No Goodbyes” music video is so smooth! What part of the vocal process do you enjoy and why?

Thank you! I love the whole process of creating music. From having the vision, creating the beat, writing the lyrics to recording the song. I really enjoy all parts.

How has your experience living in Europe transferred into the music you make today?

If I had to pick a country from Europe (now ex-Europe) I would say UK. The music inspired me a lot growing up.  I listened to a lot of Rnb, pop, and garage music from there.

Give us some R&B artists you look up to most and why?

Total, TLC, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Michael, Janet Jackson- their music speaks for itself. they’re all amazing and inspire me.

How do you hope to grow as a singer/songwriter? What do you hope to accomplish in your music career?

I would love to go on tour and record my first album.

Give us a favorite lyric from the “No Goodbyes” music video and why!

“No Goodbyes, you’re always there” – No matter what, God is there and God got you!

What is one takeaway you’d like your audience to have after watching the “No Goodbyes” music video?

I hope that they feel God’s presence, the spirituality of the song and enjoy the 90’s vibes of the music video.

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