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What was important to you when creating the visuals for the song “People Get Ready”?

I have a good girl who is very creative. I just gave her a blank canvas.

Did you have an idea of what you wanted the video to look like when you were creating the song in the studio?

Not really, but surely love what she came up with. Especially that big train.

How has your spiritual life had an influence on the music that you create?

I grew up in church and love the old songs. I never venture far from it.

What message are you trying to send to listeners when they hear your music?

That there are great songs out there we re-create.

“People Get Ready” is a record that can give a lot of people hope and brighten up their day a bit. How important is it to send a message like this through music?

I think sometimes people will pay more attention to the music than the written words.

Who are some current musicians who have inspired you?

Jimmy Buffet and John Prine.

Are there any goals you have set for yourself to achieve in the music industry?

Just have as much fun as I can.

What can we expect next when we hear from Bill Crews and the Crews Cartel?

I really want to re-create “Cupid” or do the original. 

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