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NICK WHITE – Digifame

NICK WHITE – Digifame NICK WHITE’s new single Digifame is a fun and playful new pop single that is sure to get you dancing. The song has a distinct electro pop sound, similar to artists like Chromeo. NICK WHITE’s vocals are smooth and complimented by the music, the production really insured that the song was clear and flowed well. I see this song being big with radio listeners around the US…

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Concert Review: Explosions in the Sky, 4/26 Cleveland

It’s hard to describe the feeling that Explosions in the Sky’s music gives you, they blend indie rock, classical, even elements of metal into beautiful works of art. Their music has been known to move me to tears without a single word being said, and their performance in Cleveland on the 26th of April was just as emotional.It was my first time seeing Explosions in the Sky live and the show was…

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Pontea – Unpredictable

 Pontea is an up and coming Electro Pop artist, her single Unpredictable is a sure fire hit for the summer, I could totally see this being on repeat at music festivals around the world.

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Ree Nay – Seen You Before

Here at NeuFutur we’ve recently come across artist Ree Nay. Her single “Seen You Before” is deep and beautiful. The song is dreamy and wistful, allowing the listener to hear the feeling in her song.  Ree’s melodic voice is chilling and emotional putting a heartfelt feel into her music. The production is prefect with the music not over powering her vocals, the song is incredibly well balanced. There is a unique…

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Flowz Flowetry feat. Chase Inferno – Away

London native Flowz Flowetry has released a new single with Chase Inferno called “Away”. The song has a distinct hip hop, R&B, and reggae blend, Flowz’s vocals are highlighted by the beat and it stays interesting the whole song. The vocals are a mixture of rap and R&B styles and are perfectly matched in the composition.  If I were going to suggest Flowz Flowetry to a fan group; I would…

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Alex Cuba “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” feat. Josemi Carmona

Alex Cuba has just released a beautiful new single called “Lágrimas Del Que Llora” featuring Josemi Carmona, this song is a great representation of some of the music available currently in the international scene. Alex blends classic Spanish guitar with contemporary and soulful vocals, making for a memorable experience.

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Big Thief – Mythological Beauty

Big Thief’s latest single “Mythological Beauty” is sure to thrill fans new and old! With twinkling indie rock progression and deep lyrics Big Thief has made a single that reminds you slightly of classics like Tegan and Sara or The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

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Liquidfive – Dreamers ft. Charlie Coler

Liquidfive’s latest single with Charlie Coler, “Dreamers” is a soft and sentimental testament of love. The vocals are touching and match well with the slow indie rock instrumentation. The different elements of the song perfectly showcase the tone of the lyrical content. This performance is produced with great care and attention.

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Be Only You – “Winning”

Be Only You’s latest single “Winning” is destined to be a theme song for the summer. The trio’s hip hop vocals are hard hitting and powerful, these girls are sure to become a fan favorite. I think fans of artists like Beyonce and Rihanna will love Be Only You.

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Bells and Robes – Duality (Feat. Swain)

Bells and Robes’ new single “Duality” is an instant hit with its catchy hip hop vocals and EDM beat. The song is a fast paced poem that really makes you want to get up and dance. I would suggest Bells and Robes to fans of Lupe Fiasco or Wiz Khalifa.