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Act of the Month: The Heartland

1. When did you start the band/act? The Band was started by Al and Lance in 2004, went through a bunch of lineup changes etc etc and finally found its first solid lineup in 2005 when we started touring for the road to singapore (Our first EP) 2. Who are the band/act members? Brian Yuhas Drew Matz Steve Zimmerman Billy Brock John Thompson 3. Who are your influences? As a…

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New Section of Neufutur!

Here at Neufu​tur we are going​ to start​ a new secti​on on the webpa​ge calle​d “​​ Featu​red Local​ Act of The Month​.​​”

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Yellow + Blue (Malbec)

During my entire lifetime boxed wine has not been synonymous with luxury, but Yellow + Blue has brought something more to the table. When I first received this wine I was intrigued why such great wine would be packaged in a box. Well, as I began to read the box it explained that “wine lovers shouldn’t have to choose between quality wine and a healthier planet.” At that point I…

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Inniskillin 2007 Riesling Ice Wine

When we first received this wine I was very excited – I love a good Riesling and also I had never had ice wine before this. I wanted to make this moment a special one. I wanted to try it after a fine meal or with a good friend, but I was so anxious to try it I finally broke down and opened it. I had a minor difficulty opening…

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Interview with Another Option

Last week I got the chance to ask a few questions to the up and coming band Another Option. They are a New England based Indie/Rock band who is currently on tour with TGL and Brookside.

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My First Warped Tour

I have never really been to a music festival, personally I thought I was probably making a huge mistake going to Warped tour, I had the stereotypical view on music festivals. At first I thought it was going to be a dirty, hot, drunken, drug fest. Well this proved me wrong. The whole area was great, kept up and clean, flyers all over the place but no true garbage on…

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Top 10 Reasons I Love James

10- His cute little smile, he makes when he sleeps. 9- The way he keeps his socks on all the time, even when he’s in bed. 8- He looks damn good in a dress shirt. 7- He give AMAZING massages. 6- He comments my myspace almost everyday, because he knows it makes me smile. 5- The way his upper lip quivers when he kisses me. 4- He drives me everywhere,…