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I have never really been to a music festival, personally I thought I was probably making a huge mistake going to Warped tour, I had the stereotypical view on music festivals. At first I thought it was going to be a dirty, hot, drunken, drug fest. Well this proved me wrong. The whole area was great, kept up and clean, flyers all over the place but no true garbage on the ground, no over flowing trash cans full of beer cans and rotten foodstuffs. It was really hot there, but that’s not really the festivals fault, but they had shade and water available in each section. As for the drug and alcohol issues, a lot of people were drinking, but security insured everyone was kept in line, and I didn’t really see any drug use at the festival. Personally I would have to say if your child is 15 or older that this is a safe environment for them to enjoy their favorite bands and have a good time. But, if you really don’t like the idea of you child going unaccompanied, they actually have “reverse day care” area where adults can chill out while their child enjoys the concert.
As for the bands, The Warped tour offers a variety of bands, from punk, ska, metal, hardcore, and even hip hop groups. Personally I was really shocked at the fact that basically whatever music genre you are into, you can find something you will enjoy. The multiple stages they have available are a brilliant idea, you don’t have to wait to see an act your interested in if another band is playing, you can just walk to the next stage.
One of the best things I think that was there was the booths, everything for merchandise for the bands to political activist tables. I will be honest I got a little annoyed with everyone asking for my signature for the petition and if they could have my email for this and that. Although this was greatly made up in prizes and stickers and buttons, I even got a free Monster energy drink and got to register to vote, plus a free compact of sunblocking make-up.

Needless to say, the expericnce was great all around. I sugest you check out the tour when it gets to your area, people of all ages and walks of life can find something to enjoy.

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