Wunderbugg – Written In Flesh (CD)

The electronic, industrial sound of Wunderbugg’s “Written In Flesh” unities ambient music with a darker component, speaking to more than many singularly-focused albums would normally. While there is nothing in the way of vocals to be had during this opening salvo, Wunderbugg is able to create a narrative that leads strongly through “3molecules Away” and into “Infected With Hope”. “Infected With Hope” still has hints of this ambient sound, but the drum sequencing brings with it a mid-nineties, dance sound. The more chill composition exhibited during “Infected With Hope” expands Wunderbugg’s horizons, as well as ensuring that listeners will be unsure where Wunderbugg will go next.

“Unsaid” adds a guitar-like component to Wunderbugg’s repertoire, initializing the track with a chiaroscuro between the relatively lighter guitar component and the deeper, darker sounds of the bells. The one thread that individuals will be able to discern are the ambient feeling to the track, which plays at the edge of the track throughout its runtime. What Wunderbugg does during “Written In Flesh” is create something out of a tired and beat-down genre that is sterling and shiny. Each of the tracks on “Written In Flesh” contribute something more to the entire story that Wunderbugg is trying to tell, ensuring that listeners that begin with “3molecules Away” will stick with the disc all the way until Wunderbugg finishes up with “Never Enough Time”. “Heartworm” is perhaps the strongest track on “Written In Flesh”, starting off with a percussion that mimics the first half of the title.

The piano-like twinkling at the top of the track creates another interpretation to the “heart” in the title, speaking to a relationship. More so than providing a narrative, “Heartworm” also showcases the spontaneity of Wunderbugg. This means that there are a number of intricate time signatures, including some that would normally doom a lesser artist into qa clunky morass. The allure of Wunderbugg here is that the band is able to link everything together and make a cohesive and coherent track with the results. No matter if one likes industrial, rock, jazz, or electronic and ambient music, there is something here to appreciation. Wunderbugg’s efforts on “Written In Flesh” is something that is truly timeless; make it a point to pick up “Written in Flesh” on CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon, or countless other methods of physical and digital distribution.

Top Tracks: Overdose No. 5, Sterile

Rating: 7.8/10

Wunderbugg – Written In Flesh / 2008 Whidden lee Flores / 10 Tracks / http://www.wunderbugg.com /

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