NeuFutur Magazine Introduces SSnLITE

Who is SSnLITE? SSnLITE iz a married, Ministry Rap duo formed in Marietta, GA, based on their marriage, their love for music, and their commitment to Christ. The duo formed in 2006. Prior to the duo forming in 2006, they were your average everyday working married couple. They went to work, came home, invested into other careers, enjoying what they had in front of them, made unofficial music, and repeated the same ol’ same over again.

In 2006, they recorded their first album effort, “Peace of Tha Lite”, which was an intro/demo album, based on faith. It illustrated that even though you have a little, you can still do alot. It followed Christ’s principle on the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. So why do they emphasize the importance of ministry? In ministry, they believe that there has to be a direction that’s leading souls to Christ. They want to teach to this generation that there is music out there that is positive, but is not always teaching the word of God. And that it is more than music, or beats. What’s for the Lord is for the Lord.

They want people to know what they are getting so they can receive it right. They want to let others know that having a relationship with God is not a one sided deal. Also, they believe that ministry has a purpose, and is not just limited to one area of focus. It’s the true work of the Lord. For example: in the beginning when SS described their work to a woman that wanted to help them, she mentioned that “they have a ministry”; at the time, they didn’t realize that.

To them it was just an album with music on it. From there, they began to understand what ministry is about. But they realize there are too many Christians and people in general saying “I do Gospel” and don’t want to live the lifestyle. So what are they currently doin‘, and what’s their mission? Their mission is to spread the love of Christ through their ministry, and help lead others to Christ by their life example.

They believe that bringing new ministry flavor to the music world will help bring souls in to the Kingdom. Their current project is their new single, Lackin’, including 3 bonus tracks. But expect more from SSnLITE. More albums, new beats, new ministry! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

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