FEAR FACTORY Film Video In Los Angeles

FEAR FACTORY begin filming the video for the song “Fear Campaign” from their anticipated new album, Mechanize today. Directed by the team of Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci (Meshuggah, God Forbid) with producer Ryan Kohler, the video is being filmed in and around the band’s original base of Los Angeles. It is expected for completion mid-January with broadcast and Internet premieres already in progress.

Director Ian McFarland comments, “what excites us about this song is the building and releasing of energy. We are planning to present a visual overload of images that will keep the viewer glued to the screen. The hope is to dissect the word ‘fear’ and to make a piece of art that will not only capture the power of the song and but the true intensity of FEAR FACTORY.”

In discussing the song’s lyrical concept, vocalist Burton C. Bell reveals, “it was not necessary to camouflage the insanity of the world of today within a science fiction setting like we’ve done in the past. The world today has become the world that writers predicted long ago. The controlling authorities are constantly, and successfully, utilizing fear tactics to control the masses. Fear is control.”

Due in stores February 9, Mechanize is already receiving early acclaim. Bravewords.com recently said, “all the intrinsic qualities of FEAR FACTORY are firmly in place yet have been reinvigorated and supercharged. Combining just the right elements of their own past, present and future, Fear Factory have achieved instant excitement and an immediate adrenaline boost. Prepare to be blown away.”

FEAR FACTORY recently launched a series of new official web and social networking sites that fans should visit for official and regularly updated news. The sites will be the first to carry details of the band’s upcoming tour activities in support of Mechanize. Official site details are included below.


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