Tiga announces remix series featuring Titans of Dance… Carl Craig, Mathew Jonson, Matias Aguayo, Jamie Lidell, Playgroup

Beginning 1 February, Tiga will release a weekly series of remix 12”s for “Sex O’Clock”, “Overtime”, “Gentle Giant” and “Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore”, songs from his 2009 album Ciao! The ambitious project features some of the most respected and sought-after producers in dance music.

“For these remixes, I looked to Titans. Standing on the roof of my greenhouse, I called out, ‘Hey you, get off of that impossible cloud and into my car. We’re gonna drive all night ‘til we hit Remix City!’”

Sex O’Clock – Remixes by Matias Aguayo, Jamie Lidell and Trevor Jackson.
“I asked them, ‘When can you have the remixes ready by?’ They said, ‘About a month from now.’ I said, ‘Time. That’s precisely what the song is about. Use that.’”

Overtime – Remixes by Adam Beyer and Brodinski.
“These producers represent two sides of the Commemorative Dance Coin. To me, variety is that spicy element that seasons the living of our very lives.”

Gentle Giant – Remixes by Seth Troxler and Mathew Jonson.
“When a song means a lot to you personally, having it remixed is a lot like sending your child to undergo plastic surgery. In this case, though, it was like having the surgery done by doctors you respect as musicians.”

Love Don’t Dance Here Anymore – Remix by Carl Craig. Instrumental version by Tiga.
“It goes without saying that having Carl Craig remix my song is an honor. For the instrumental version, I removed all the vocals personally. It took nine hours. By the end, I was hysterical.”

Tiga could not be more excited about these vinyl releases, and wants nothing more than fans to share in his enthusiasm. “If you purchase all four, I will write your name and credit card information in a special leather-bound book. Also one copy will include a silver ticket, which you can trade in for a golden ticket. Which does nothing.”

“I’m a dreamer. I see the world through groove-colored glasses, ever watching the horizon for the whole world to come dancing into my arms.”

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