NeuFutur Magazine Introduces JKL

On 14th April, the world was blessed with yet another angel, Justin Kingland.known as JKL was raised in the beautiful island of Anam and Aguleri . He quickly adapted to the laid back African lifestyle and began to experience a rich new taste of life. In the early years he was quiet and extremely shy but was fascinated with what the world had to offer him. From a premature age, he found himself being exposed to many experiences and compromising situations, which many won’t see in their lifetime. His musical taste ranged in all genres but he always found himself deeply absorbed by Reggae and dancehall From then it was his dream to produce music that reaches the hearts of many people and possibly giving them that inch of joy in their lives. He attended St. John`s primary school Aguleri and St.Augustine`s primary school Umuoba, Community Secondry schl, Udako and Union secondry schl, Agulu and later was addimited to St. John`s Seminary Schl. Akpo but his dad`s adviser couldn`t compromise his feelings to attend seminary and he then left Nigeria in 1995 after launching of his 1st debut in his home town Agulu. He later moved to Malaysia in 2004 ready to explore the next episode success of his music career and education, he attended Rima collage Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where he studied business management and Impiana School of art KLM . JKL was a soloist for his music in G Mino and in the year 2005 he formed the group called I&I Combination along with King Lhota from Senegal in their first album titled JAH HAS DECIDED under Bronze land Production and I and I combination then he was known as Justin Prophet. He is presently in United State of America currently working hard on producing and promoting his new album –14 years 2Grace- JKL is a warrior on Jah`s mission, a reggae and dancehall advocates. His Vision and Mission Spread love all among us. All among human, share this beautiful love. Learn to share living in this beautiful world. Love will make the strong to be kind to a weak.

Love will make who’s in power to be more merciful. We don’t have longer time to live. We should learn to respect each other. No matter what skin color you are, no matter where you from, no matter we use difference languages, no matter your culture is, no matter what religions you are, no matter what you believes in. We hold to our culture, religions, believe and you hold to your believe. There is nothing wrong with this difference, learn to know each and everyone much batter and learn to respect most. ALL HUMANS IN THE WORLD IS ONE I&I


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