CHANTLER was given as a nickname at the age of two by his family. Taken originally from the daytime soap opera “All My Children” during the late 1980’s in which the name derived from the character “Chandler”.

Since he is a singer he felt it would be really cool to call himself Chantler adding his own little twist to the surname. His Birth Name is Adam Ronnie Green and he was born on January 23, 1985 at 2:15 a.m. in the morning. Though, Chantler was raised in the South Bronx of New York.

He also lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn as well. Being the oldest of nine siblings had taught him that one should lead by example and see to it that nothing but positive influence becomes the concluding result. At fourteen Years Old, Chantler began singing and performing at various clubs, venues, and lounges such as The Soul Café, Iguana Lounge, and B.B. King’s House of Blues. Chantler began to take music to the next level by vocally performing at Weddings, Churches, and other special occasions. He attended Turtle Bay Music School for Vocal Performance located in Lower East Side Manhattan, New York for three years in a row (2002 -2005). By the year 2005, Chantler wrote numerous original songs and Already was offered his first record deal with “Third Rail Entertainment” connecting to Columbia Records as a distributor record label. But, Chantler was only 15 years old during this time, a sophomore in high school and still focused on getting an education. Chantler Graduated from Christopher Columbus High School on June 24, 2004. And was accepted to “The State University of South Dakota” on a full ride scholarship for Social Work and Vocal/Music Performance. Chantler eventually changed his mind and used good judgment to remain in the N.Y.C. and attend a private college known as “Touro College”. Successfully, Chantler will be earning his Associate’s Degree of Science in Human Services (January 2008) —Majoring in Social Work dealing with Child and Youth Services. Chantler claims to be a Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter/CEO of Gold Diamond Records. Under his belt he is also an Aspiring Actor and Print Model as well. Chantler claims to be “The Prince of Alternative/Hip-hop soul/ R&B” in his own right. *****

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