The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Fruit (CD)

There has been a lot of chatter about The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, but I must admit, I had not had a chance to listen to a lick of their music before I was sent a copy of their new album, “Fruit”. “Fruit” begins with “Lady Jesus”, a track that blends together sixties pop with a cool, slinky alternative type of approach. Where the track itself will not likely take the rotation world by storm, it provides a solid introduction for the band and will ensure that listeners still with the disc until the next track, “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More”. “The Sun Ain’t Shining” brings a heavier sixties focus to the fore, and the female vocals really come forth as something that would have worked well as an addition to the “But I’m A Cheerleader” soundtrack.

With this first single, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have the momentum to continue on, cutting “Push The Envelope” out of slightly different cloth than was present before. “Push The Envelope” will be the big hit for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, coming forth with a pomp and catchiness that will wind itself around listeners’ heads for months after. While the track itself is simple, the members of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have the skill to make the track more than its constituent parts, and keep the disc spinning at a comfortable speed.

Later tracks on “Fruit”, such as “The Golden Age”, do a double duty in that they continue with some of the same trends that were originally broached during the first half of the disc, while attempting to experiment and further change up what listeners are expecting from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. There is no easy set of comparisons, no tie to previous music that fans will be able to find; The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a unique band, and I believe that this unique flavor will keep them firmly entrenched in the collective mind of indie and alternative rock for years to come.

Top Tracks: Around The Bend, Hero

Rating: 7.8/10

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Fruit / 2009 Small Giants / 10 Tracks /

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