Reprise Records’ newest rock band Cavo will release their major label debut album, entitled Bright Nights * Dark Days, this summer. The album was produced by David Bendeth, known for his work with Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, among others.

With songs like the propulsive first single “Champagne,” the uplifting power ballad “Let It Go,” the blistering “Cry Wolf,” and the strutting “Blame,” the album is a passionately played collection of hard-hitting rock-and-roll with keenly felt lyrics about life, love, and the acceptance that comes with realizing that all we can do is to try and be the best person we can for those we love. “I think it’s amazing when a songwriter can open up a piece of themselves and let the whole world see it,” says frontman Casey Walker, who writes Cavo’s lyrics. “It may not be beautiful, in fact it may be really ugly, but great art comes from an honest place. It has to. And that’s what we try to do with our songs.”

Cavo’s line-up — which also features Chris Hobbs on guitar, Chad La Roy on drums, and Brian Smith on bass — solidified after Smith came on board in 2006, while the original nucleus formed when Walker hooked up with Hobbs and La Roy in March 2001. The band released an independent album, The Painful Art of Letting Go, in 2006, and an EP, featuring “Champagne,” in May 2008. Cavo signed with Reprise Records in October. “Signing with Reprise meant everything to us,” La Roy says. “It’s a chance for the world to hear and feel our music and an opportunity that many people can only dream about.”

In addition to Cavo’s own songs, Bright Nights * Dark Days features an additional track, the powerfully emotional “Ghost,” co-written by Nixons singer/guitarist Zac Maloy, who has also worked with David Cook and Chris Daughtry, and the Norwegian songwriting team Espionage.

“Champagne,” the first single from Bright Nights * Dark Days will impact rock radio in May. Cavo will perform at the Rock on the Range Festival in Columbus, OH, on May 17th with more tour dates to be announced in coming weeks.

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